How We Work

We specialize in the creation of sculptoric luminous objects which are innovative, exclusive and of very high quality. Lately we have been working on Megaluminaries and we have been working together with selected architect studios in projects for hotels, shops and restaurants. In each project we seek to exceed the expectations of the clients, establishing strong and lasting bonds. We work proactively, efficiently and effectively, through the involvement of all the members of the company. We have the human and technical resources necessary to provide the best quality, to strictly comply with the execution deadlines and to offer competitive costs that strengthen our position in the market. We are a growing company that believes in the future and development of our country. The development of the designs shows great creativity and innovation, achieving a harmonious interaction between the design and functionality of the luminous object. We use different materials and we innovate in their use, bearing in mind the Earth’s sustainability. We research new technologies and processes integrating them to the ancestral procedures achieving the best benefit from both. These luminaries follow the international norms of electric security, which makes them suitable for the international market.

Services to clients

We offer, free of charge, advice for the assembly of the lighting project and we also offer suggestions in the choice of luminaries that are more suitable for the type of decoration. We offer post-sale services to customers.